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Office Information

WVU Extension Service
Braxton County Office
307 Main Street, Suite 301
Sutton, WV 26601

Phone 304-765-2809
FAX 304-765-2809
Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00 to 5:00
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Agriculture & Gardening

Cooperative Extension has historic roots in agriculture and the environment from helping commercial farmers and growers (through Agricultural Extension Agents) to home lawn and garden enthusiasts (through the Master Gardener program), Extension has knowledge and expertise to share. The WVU Braxton County Extension Service participates in many programs including: Mid-Atlantic Quality Beef Assurance, Central West Virginia Wool Pool, Youth Safe Farm and West Virginia Grown. Contact the WVU Braxton County Extension Service with any questions at 304-765-2809.

Beef Expo 2017

Beef EXPO Rules
Beef EXPO Newsletter 2017

Agriculture & Farming Articles:
Flooding and Forage

Tips to Reduce Winter Feeding Hay Costs for Beef Herds

Night Time Versus Day time Feeding Influences Time of Calving

Storing Colostrum for Optimum Passive Immunity

Proper Mineral Management- Key to Keeping Cattle Healthy

Scrapie Ear Tag Program
For information, or to obtain tags for the Scrapie Ear Tag Program for sheep and goats, please contact the USDA at 1-866-873-2824.
sheep with ear tag

mid atlantic beef quality assurance logo WV Quality Assurance Feeder Cattle Sales

Youth Safe Farm logo Youth Safe Farm: This mini-grant program allows farmers to fix danger by helping youth and families avoid farm related accidents by learning to avoid, correct, or eliminate hazards that lead to injury or death.

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